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Payton Dale is a Nashville-based, rock and roll, body positive stylist with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry. 


Her love of fashion started early. From envying Dorothy’s ruby slippers, to sketching her own Halloween costumes, she always had a strong sense of style. 


Payton got her start when she created a fashion blog in her teens. She quickly became known for her 60s cool-girl look, inspired by the wives of Beatles and Rolling Stones. From there, she started modeling in runway shows for local designers. 

Next, she started doing wardrobe for music venues around Nashville. Impressed with her work, the opening acts would often ask her to style them too. 


For years, styling was Payton’s side hustle while she juggled day jobs to make ends meet. Finally in 2017, The Payton Project became her full time career.


Payton’s motivation for styling runs deep. Having battled an eating disorder and body dysmorphia, she found that developing her personal style helped her heal. Now she uses her expertise to help others learn to love what they see in the mirror.


She wants every woman to know that cool isn’t a size. In 2017, she published a book to help women overcome their body insecurities— Hang Up Your Hang Ups: A Radical Guide To Healing Yourself Through Personal Style. 


She’s a stylist for the unapologetically unique. For artists making music their own way, for bold boss babes, for women wondering what the heck to wear after losing or gaining weight, for anyone trying to get their groove back.


Payton has styled many musicians for stage and screen, and collaborated on a custom jacket for Jon Bon Jovi to wear onstage. Her work has been featured in numerous TV specials, music videos, magazines and commercials. 


She’s the first to admit that styling isn’t always glamorous. Whether she’s sewing on some last-minute sequins or getting home from a 17-hour day on set, she knows she’s living her purpose. Her clients walk away with confidence, ready to express themselves through style. 


She lives in Nashville with her husband Tobin, and her shih tzu children, Arrow and Bo Diddley Dale. 

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