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Finding Your Personal Style

Personal Style...what is it? How do we find it? And once we have it, how do we keep evolving it?

Discovering your own style is sort of like dating. You try different options on for size, learning what you do and do not like, until you find your person, or your style. You marry that style! But, just because you are married to it, doesn't mean that it won't change. Any relationship expert will tell you that your marriage will continue to grow and evolve. Your personal style should as well. Here is my formula for finding your own personal style.

Find your muses.

In my case, I was really inspired by the "it" girls of the 60's and 70's when it came to their fashion sense. I really liked their approach to their beauty routines, and I especially like how most of them look like they just rolled out of bed. Nothing is too perfect, hair is a little messy, and the makeup isn't perfectly done. I like that sort of unkempt glam look. Once I figured out who I was sort of going to emulate, I could move on! I find that by giving my clients a muse, it takes the pressure off of them. Once we agree on one or two, when I take them shopping, they can ask themselves "Would so-and-so wear this?" and if the answer is no, then they put the item back.

Make a mood board.

I make what I call a "mood board" for my clients all the time. A mood board is essentially a board full of photos, fabric swatches, words, or whatever I think would suit the look we are going for with their branding. I also make these for myself all the time! For instance, my mood board right now has images of Jane Birkin, a few of Keith Richards (one of my eternal style icons), and some modern runway looks as well. I make these every season. This is helpful to look at when you are shopping. When the clients need a digital board, Pinterest works wonders!

Borrow, but don't steal.