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Lure Intimates: Butter Comando Set

I talked about upping my loungewear game as one of my fashion New Years' Resolutions over on my Instagram. Around the first of the year, I met Ritchey, a local girl boss who runs a company called Lure Intimates.

Lure Intimates is an e-commerce company that specializes in luxury lingerie and sleepwear. Ritchey carries everything from lace boy shorts, beautiful lace gowns and robes, as well as the Butter Pants from Commando-a super luxe version of a standard black yoga pant, and the matching high-low butter camisole.

Here are the stock photos from her website.

So, they just look like yoga pants and a fancy tank top, right? I thought so too, until I tried them on. Now, full disclosure, Lure Intimates does send me free product. I have not been paid to review these pieces.

My first impression of the pieces were that I have never felt anything so incredibly soft in my life. The name "butter" is definitely fitting. And with the price point of these pants being $98, and the top being $68, I had high expectations!

The reason I wanted to elevate my loungewear looks is because I spend a good deal of time working from home. I have found it difficult to stay focused on speaking about fashion when I myself am feeling frumpy! There's just something about being put together-even if you're at home and there's no one around that just makes you feel better about yourself!

My initial concern with these was the lace on the high-low cami. If any of you guys have worn anything with lace on it, you know how it can get itchy. After sleeping in the butter set all night, there were no weird indentions left on my skin, and no skin irritation. I have answered work emails, prepared for today's work day, and done so much more! I am going to have a hard time taking these off today!

So, while I do believe that these are an investment, I think they are a smart one. Even if you just buy yourself one nice set for days you work at home, I highly recommend! AND If you use the code PAYTON30 at checkout, you'll get 30 percent off!

What do you think, guys? Would you want to invest more in your lounge and sleepwear?

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