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Directing My First Music Videos

Tina Fey has this really great quote "Say yes and figure the rest out later." At least it goes something like that. This is the approach I've always taken to my work and so far it hasn't lead me astray.

I had previously worked with Mason Zgoda on styling for what was supposed to be her album cover. Our meeting was sort of a freak accident. A makeup artist that had collaborated with someone I knew called me up because this particular client needed 1960's French It Girl--aka one of my favorite things in the world. We worked together on that first project and fell in fashion love. Shortly after the photo shoot, she hired me to style her and do the props for her music video "Where Else Can I Go" I designed a dress and collaborated with a local seamstress--it was a beautiful late 50's inspired yellow dress paired with turquoise pumps. She looked like a dream! However when she saw the final product from our twelve hour workday, she was less than pleased.

It was then that Mason asked me to direct the do over of this video as well as her next single's release too "Joey Ramone" I didn't hesitate to say "YES!" and figure out the rest later. Did I mention I agreed to do these AND do the creative direction for her album cover photo shoot all within one weekend? Was I crazy? Yep. But I made it work! I taught myself how to write a music video treatment and script and had a proposal that everyone agreed on. Now it was time to initiate it!

First was the easy part. We did the photos for her website, album cover, and general content. The photographer was a new photographer named Abi Lewis. I really feel like she captured the essence of what we were going for so beautifully. Lisa Proctor was my right hand and Hair and Makeup all weekend.

Here are some of the behind the scenes from the photo shoot!

These two dresses in particular were a collaboration with A Lady of the Lake. It was a dream to design with her.