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5 Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet By 25

I turn 25 in September. It's coming up soon! As I reflect back on the last decade of my style (around 15 is when I really got in to expressing myself with clothing) I think about how I have evolved in my wardrobe choices, mistakes I have made, I thought I would share what I believe every woman should have in her wardrobe by the time she hits a quarter of a century! ONE. A really nice, tailored blazer. Now, I have a far cry from a desk job, but I found myself gravitating towards suits in the last few years. I really love how a woman looks in a tailored suit. I found a black Gucci blazer at an auction for a whopping $4.00. I wear it all the time, and it has definitely paid for itself. I even did a Fashion Friday video based around how to wear it with a vintage band t-shirt. This is one you want to splurge on. None of that disposable H&M or Forever 21 stuff. You're an adult now. You deserve to dress like one.

This incorporates several pieces I speak about! Fitted blazer, high quality vintage designer bag, and jeans that fit!

TWO. A high quality bag. I really like vintage designer bags. I am really geeky about the history of different fashion houses, and tend to lean towards the 70's styles (shocker) Shopping vintage is a way to get high quality for next to nothing. My collection has grown over the last few years. I have around five bags that I can wear with every single outfit for any occasion. My vintage Louis Vuitton was a gift, but still cost only as much as a strap for a new bag costs from the company! Vintage is also a wonderful way to not support buying new leather. If designers aren't your thing, then invest in a high quality, basic tote that you can take everywhere. You can always change it up by tying a scarf on the handles! THREE. Jeans that fit! Really! I lived in flowy vintage (and usually flammable) dresses for years. They are still my go-to in the summer time. However, as I've matured and worked in this industry for a while now, I find myself reaching for my jeans more than ever! Having a short torso and long legs made it difficult to shop for jeans, but after doing some research and finding my fits I like (Paige and Rachel Zoe) I know my sizes, and can score them on the sales racks for $30 usually! I wear them nearly every single day. And a dark wash, high quality jean that fits is always going to make you look more polished than a spandex based light wash. I promise! I have boyfriend and skinny jeans in my closet, but I am always a fan of a mid-rise flare. They're classic and universally flattering. FOUR. A dress (or outfit) that you know works for a formal event. If I had to go to a wedding, funeral, or red carpet event this evening, I would have something to wear. My go-to formal dress is this gorgeous purple vintage Halston wrap dress that I got at a thrift store of all places! I've posted that several times on here. I recently was given a jersey stretch black jumpsuit that has been worth its weight in gold. I've worn it without a jacket, with a blazer, with a tassle belt, and have managed to make it work in six different scenarios. If it's a suit, a wrap dress, or a jumpsuit, you should have something in your arsenal that you can throw in a suitcase and go.

This year's Fashion Week red carpet. Fitted blazer with sequin detail over the black jumpsuit, a vintage gold glitter clutch, and the leopard boots from the first photo.

FIVE. Knowledge.

It's crazy how fast trends come and go. The second that something comes out on the runway, fast fashion retailers have a knock off on their shelves. I say that every woman should have knowledge about what goes into her closet for a multitude of reasons. Do you know who is making your clothes? Is it a big box retailer making profit off of people in sweat shops? Is it a small business in your community? Is it a designer who's doing everything themselves? Do you know how to care for your clothing to make sure they last? Are you purchasing something that will end up in a landfill at the end of the season? Or making a purchase that will be worn for years to come? As we get older, we need to realize that we vote with our dollars. Fewer high quality pieces will always be better than a closet full of crap that no one cares about. It will limit the "I have nothing to wear" scenario, and will make you feel better. Ask questions. Where are these clothes coming from? What are the conditions of the workers in the factory? What is this made of? It's fascinating! I look forward to saving for pieces to invest in, rather than going to the mall every weekend to throw away $15 on something everyone else will have! Find out who the local designers are in your town. They make the best (and most interesting) friends!

What do you think you should have by 25? What about what you should ditch? Comment below!

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