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A little behind the scenes from ICM week

This week I dressed Heather Smith. She's an up and coming Inspirational Country music artist. I came in every morning to the glam room at 8 AM to get her ready for the day. We set up a bell cart as a makeshift wardrobe rack and planned out her changes for the day. The end of the week culminated with the ICM Awards. I designed her red carpet dress and had A Lady of the Lake make it. Doing a red carpet gown that was not only fun, but conservative was a great challenge that I enjoyed doing. You can see that photo down below!

My fellow glam squad and one of my favorite HMUAs ever, Lisa Proctor was killing it left and right with the best hair and makeup. She brought her assistant Andrea along for the last night due to the sheer volume of folks to primp. Here we all are here giving Heather her final touch up before she goes on stage.

The final red carpet look. Modern, fresh, and covered completely from head to toe. Conservative never has to mean dowdy.

You Wear It Well


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