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This, Not That: Fashionable Substitutes for Lazy People (Spring Edition)

Remember the "Eat This, Not That" book? Consider this your guide for what to wear when you're just not feeling it.

As I mentioned in the last post, it's really easy to fall into the comfort trap. Your ratty sweatshirt from college might feel comfortable, but in reality it's holding you back from living your best life. What if I told you that there are beautiful and just as comfortable options for you?

Here are my substitutes for the woman who "Doesn't have time" to worry about clothes.

Instead of Sloppy hoodies, go for a denim or leather jacket, or a blazer!

In the same amount of time it took you to reach for the oversized hoodie you've had since before "Full House" wasn't a reboot on Netflix, you could grab one of these jacket staples instead. They are equally as unfussy, require zero effort, and take your look from playground to playing with the big boys. Bonus points if the jacket has a waist that is nipped in to create a structured silhouette. If you're not working out, there is no need to incorporate gym clothes into your every day style.

This jacket from Stacey Rhodes boutique is the perfect substitute for your go-to outerwear. The color is great for transitioning seasons!

This jacket from Stacey Rhodes boutique is the perfect substitute for your go-to outerwear. The color is great for transitioning seasons! Click the photo to check it out!

You can also take this concept and apply it to your spring and summer wardrobe as well! You can take that pair of cut off shorts and simple tee that you were wearing to the grocery store, or to an outdoor concert and throw a kimono on top of it! It elevates your look immediately and requires next to no effort on your part. This laid back style works great for those who have bohemian influences in their personal style.

This sheer kimono is the perfect answer to dressing up your boring look. It's also sheer enough to show your shape without feeling like you're drowning in fabric. It also doubles as a great cover up! Click the photo for more information on this kimono from Show Me Your Mumu!

Instead of plain leggings, try a dress or coated denim!

I get it. A lot of you hate pants. I understand. Shopping for jeans can be borderline traumatic. I haven't purchased new jeans in years because I've finally reached that point where mine have become a second skin to me. In the spring and summer, sometimes pants aren't just going to happen. That's why I LOVE a good dress. It's seriously the easiest thing in the world to throw on. It's ONE thing. You don't even have to worry about matching anything to it. Just throw it on and go!

This is one of my favorite styles of dress to wear in the warmer months. It's got an elastic waistband, a forgiving silhouette, and is a color that's universally flattering on every skin tone. Let those legs BREATHE, ladies! Throw on a cute flat sandal or a stacked platform to elevate or dress it down. Who needs pants when they're just one more thing to throw on?

If you still want the look of leggings but want to feel more polished, try a coated denim skinny jean. These have the same effect but better! My favorite are Joe's and Page. And then there's the hard truth. Nothing can beat the right pair of jeans. Your soulmate pair is out there. Keep looking. But please, for the love of Louis Vuitton and all that is holy, please stop wearing leggings as pants. We can see your everything. You deserve pockets, baby girl.

Instead of flip flops, try a slide, mule, or an espadrille.

Flip flops are for the beach and the shower. Period. You don't need to wear rubber shoes out into the real world. You can sub your flip flops out for a cute mule, slide, ballet flat, or an espadrille. I also am a huge fan of the ankle boot and am carrying a lot of them over into my Spring and Summer wardrobe. There are plenty of options for footwear that are just as comfortable and easy to slide into as a flip flop. Check out these Sacha London slides. They're a great neutral color palette and are easy to kick off!

Other ways to spruce up your casual look:

Jewelry! Accessorizing doesn't need to be an ordeal that you dread. Accessories are the quickest way to change your look! Take that dress from above, for instance. You can pair it with a sensible flat and a small studded earring for a proper look. You can also throw this gorgeous long necklace on from Doxahlogy and some gold gladiator sandals for a more effortless and free spirited feeling.

Don't be afraid to branch out from your style ruts this Spring. This season is all about rebirth, renewal, celebration and lots of color. I encourage you to rethink the way you get ready in the morning from here on out. Getting ready should be a lot like spring: Exciting, creative, and never without a shortage of excitement and color. Take that extra five minutes in the morning to throw a necklace on over your head, to slip into a fair of fabulous shoes, and walk out the door with your head held high.

You deserve to feel good. And you wear it well.

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