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What Goes Around Comes Around: Summer Trends And The Original Inspiration

As we approach the end of July in Nashville, I am counting down the days until we have reached fall weather! Summer is my least favorite time of the year, and honestly the season I have the fewest outfit options for. I can't stand the hot and humid weather! But, I have found ways to style myself that are casual, and I find that I'm not entirely melting by the end of the day. As many of you know, I love to incorporate vintage pieces in with modern ones. I feel like this is not only the best way to save some dough, but also the most fun way to get unique items for less! Fashion comes and goes in twenty year cycles. That's why the 90's are back in a huge way. I have found that it is friendlier to my wallet and the Earth to try and track down the OG items instead of investing in new ones. Here are a few of this season's latest trends that I have managed to find for less.


I am seeing these EVERYWHERE lately. I feel like everyone is trying to do something outside the box with this trend. These were huge in the 70's, therefore, big in the 90's, and here we are today. I am seeing tops like this retail in boutiques for $60 and up. Here's one I found online. It's from the 70's, in brand new condition, and only retails for $22. Plus, no one else will have this one! I have an off the shoulder top that was actually a wedding dress I cut up. I always get compliments on it.