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Best Beauty Products for Summer 2016

Like I mentioned in this week's Fashion Friday video, it's the middle of summer in Nashville...and it's hot. Like breathing soup when you walk outside hot.

This Spring, I made a deal with myself. I told myself that I would start investing my money into self care--I now have higher quality cosmetics that are just as much fun as they are better for my skin, and I even have a day time and a night time routine to care for my skin. In my journey, I've learned what works and what doesn't work for my face and hair. I thought I would pass these along!

Elizabeth Mott's Thank Me Later eye primer.

I discovered Elizabeth Mott on a whim. Amazon suggested this relatively new brand to me after my search for cruelty free cosmetics. The company will send you free samples in the mail for you to try before you buy! I was on the search for a new eye primer, so I had them send me this one. It's been a GODSEND, you guys! I am fairly oily, and most of the higher selling primers leave my lids feeling greasy. I can't wait to purchase more of her products in the future. This keeps my shadow and liner on all day.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

I picked up a sample of this at Ulta the other day when I went in for shampoo. My hair is that awkward in between not curly, but not straight texture, and the roots get greasy while the ends will dry out quickly. In the summertime, it's not been easy to go for the effortless bedhead look that I lean towards in the less humid months without looking like Phil Spector's wig. You know the one. After I shampooed and used a Moroccan oil serum in my hair, I let it air dry, and then wrapped the front sections of my hair with a 1 inch curling iron. I then flipped my head over, sprayed fairly liberally with this product, and flipped back up. A few scrunches, and I was ready to go. It's been going strong for two days without feeling crunchy or stiff.

Trestique highlighter sticks

So, something else I would really suggest is getting the Ipsy bag. I get samples (and most of my bag this month were full size products) sent right to my mailbox every month of well known and some not so well known brands. You take a quiz when you sign up to insure that you will actually like your products. Mine are all cruelty free brands as well! Bonus! Anyway, I am fairly new to the whole highlight thing. I know I'm late in the game. I always ended up going overboard and either looking like I had white circles under my eyes like I had laid out in the sun in giant goggles, or looked like someone could have drilled for oil on my face. Not cute. These sticks are highly pigmented, but just the right amount of sheen, are easily blendable, and are foolproof when it comes to application. I was really impressed, and will definitely buy this product in full size when this one runs out.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

This was another sample that I picked up while waiting in line at Sephora. The green color is quick to throw most off, but since I am fair and have uneven skin with some redness, I knew that the green would remove the ruddiness from my complexion. I was really impressed with how a little bit went a long way. Combined with a finishing spray on top of my base makeup, my face won't budge all day!

Pick up a sample at your local Ulta or Sephora. It's half the cost, and will last you forever!

Those are my current go-to favorites to get me through the rest of the months. I really do suggest looking into upping your routine in the summer time. I have always felt disgusting during the hot season in Nashville. It's really hard to feel and look your best when it's hotter than Satan's butthole, but that's still no excuse to stop trying to put your best face forward. Plus, you deserve to take that time out to do something nice for you. Maybe for some of you, that's makeup, or maybe it's meditation. For me, it's both. Do you, readers. Do you.

When it all comes together...

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