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My Favorite Things

You guys remember the Favorite Things episode of the Oprah show? Those shows were known for Oprah giving away her latest and greatest discoveries, and often ended with "YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR! EVERYBODY GETS A CAAAAAR!" Yeah, this is just like that, only nothing like that. I AM going to tell you about my favorite gifts that I've tracked down for my loved ones, though!


These bath bombs are all organic, and made with essential oils. They are comparable in price and in quality to the other leading bath bombs, but they will actually condition your skin as you use them! I feel like giving someone a handful of bath bombs, you're giving them permission to take time for themselves! A bath bomb is a small luxury that most people won't buy for themselves. I got a handful for the ladies in my life that love a good bath! My favorites are the peppermint, pumpkin spice, and almond coconut! Mention my name, or PProject at checkout to receive 10 percent off!


OK, so it's more of an entire store than a favorite thing. The Trunk has been one of my favorite stores in Nashville since they opened. I model for them sometimes, and usually end up going home with everything they put me in because I love them so much! Right now, they have nearly everything you see me wearing on their Instagram, as well as some great gifts! I picked up some high quality, inexpensive chokers for the trendy ladies in my life. They also have great journals, and prayer candles that have all of your favorite stars! Check out the Bowie and Prince ones for the music fan in your life.


Pony Show is a girlie girl's dream! But, don't let the glitter and unicorns throw you off! This shop is run by a badass woman who makes pretty AND powerful things. I picked up a bunch of lapel pins for all the "Nasty Women" in my life!


I was first exposed to Fernweh Jewels like all good things...through Instagram. This one woman machine creates incredibly beautiful minimalist jewelry using the Herkimer Diamond. The modern take on classic jewelry staples, along with her innovative new designs, you will find something for every woman on your list! And, her price point is incredible for a handmade piece of jewelry! I love my ring and cuff!

Those are just a few of my favorite things to give this year! I would love to be able to have you all look under your chair, and give you a brand new car. Maybe next year! Happy holidays, readers! And please remember to shop small, shop local, and spend your dollars with independent artists. They make the world a better place!

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