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What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Stylist

Happy 2017, everyone!

I've spoken to some of you guys online, and quite a few have mentioned wanting to hire a stylist in the new year. I thought I would take some of the guess work out of what to expect, as well as what information to supply to your stylist to make the experience an enjoyable one for everyone involved!

What exactly does a stylist do?

I get asked this question on a regular basis. And the answer is "everything!" OK, well, maybe not everything, but pretty close. It is our job to meet with you, and collaborate on a look. This requires meetings, fittings, shopping, pulling pieces, and then returning them...not to mention us being on hand if you've hired us for a video or photo shoot! We are basically fashion real estate agents. A lot of us have access to boutiques, designers, jewelers, and dealers that you would never even know about! On average, for one photo shoot, I spend around 50 hours on a client. It's my job to find the most unusual clothing and accessories that will not only flatter, but will photograph or appear well on film, be under the wardrobe budget, and will make everyone happy! For a video or photo shoot, I'm there as another set of eyeballs to make sure that everything is laying properly (no nip slips), and that you look like the best version of yourself! And then, after all is said and done, I return the clothes back to their rightful homes. Usually, I end up getting it right, though,and my clients buy the clothes off of me!

So, what does my stylist need to know before I hire them?

What are you hiring a stylist for?