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Cleaning Out Your Closet

To keep with the on going theme of "New Year, New Habits" We are going to talk about the one thing you're dreading out that darn closet. I believe in doing a wardrobe inventory every season to keep your closet in order, and to know exactly what you have, instead of continuing to buy more stuff that will eventually end up overwhelming you. I am definitely not perfect when it comes to keeping an organized closet (ask my husband!) but, here are a few tips that I've picked up along the way that help make the process a lot easier.

But first, coffee.

All jokes aside, I have learned that with a French press full of some good coffee, and the right soundtrack, I can accomplish pretty much anything I need to. I have to get myself pumped up to take on any sort of cleaning, but once I'm in the zone, watch out! Whatever that beverage and music selection may be to you, make sure you have it on hand. Plan a day to do this project. Stick to the plan. Have a friend come along for the ride. Bonus points if they're the same size, and want to take what you don't want off your hands. OK, now that we are properly caffeinated and are ready to turn this into a dance party, let's get started.

Pull everything out. Yep. Everything.

Throw it on your bed. You have to finish the job this way! You can't sleep in a pile of clothes! OK, so, I have, but do as I say! Not as I do! As you start to pull pieces out, start making piles. The piles should be as follows:

*KEEP- This category includes your favorite jeans, that great black blazer that goes with everything. Anything that fits properly, that you wear quite a bit, or makes you feel great about yourself...throw in this pile.

*DONATE- These are pieces that you won't wear again. Ever. Maybe it's that pair of low-rise jeans you had in middle school that are so outdated, and will never fit you again. Or, perhaps it's your backup winter coat that still has the tags on it. These items are in good condition, but you will definitely never wear. Find a local charity that accepts these, and pass them along. If the items are vintage (20 years or older) call a few vintage stores in your area. Several will either buy your items, or allow you to trade! I've found some of my favorite pieces this way!

*GIVE TO FRIENDS- I love clothing swaps! If you have something that may be your friends' style, but not yours, now is the time to be a good friend!

*REPAIR- This pile is for the small rips and such. If you have the ability to mend clothing, or know someone who does, throw those items in this pile. If not, maybe it's time you got comfortable with a needle and thread! Friends with sewing machines may also know how to re-purpose something that might be beyond the point of repair, but would look great as something else! We have pillows made out of old concert shir