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What to Wear On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up! Even though it is a Hallmark holiday, designed to sell jewelry, chocolate, flowers, and cards (all of which I love) it is still fun to get dressed up and enjoy the love fest. Even if the only love you have is for yourself, your dog, or your best friend, I still enjoy celebrating the holiday! Here are a few outfit ideas that I've put together for you. I have really kept in mind that most people don't have disposable income around this time of year--mostly because they have spent it all on Christmas presents! Nothing costs over $100.


Or out to a nice meal, or wherever the occasion may bring you, it's always a treat to get to dress up! Pair a basic black wrap dress (something every woman should have) with some wow pieces. To stay warm, throw a fake fur coat over your shoulders-you can find these at any vintage or thrift store! Add some shine with metallic accessories. I love art-deco inspired jewelry, such as this cocktail ring and clutch. And the best part is, you can wear every single one of these pieces with multiple different looks!


Now, this might not say *casual* to you, but this is definitely something I would wear to go grab a veggie burger with my husband. In fact, I've worn something eerily similar our last few dates, as this has essentially become my winter uniform. I love the not so elegant-elegance that this look brings. I actually own these very jeans! Take classic wardrobe staples such as a dark wash flare jean, pair it with a black turtleneck, and have fun with your accessories! This fake fur coat is a lot of look, and would take someone willing to own it to pull it off, so if it's not your thing, you could always swap it out with the coat from look one! My hair goes crazy in the winter months, so I am a big fan of hats. Shoes, jewelry, purses, and more could be any color you wanted that was pulled from the color pallete of this coat. Burgundy has been such a trending color for winter that it is considered a neutral now! The rules are that there are no rules!

GAL-entines or Just A Night In

Some of my favorite Valentine's Days have been with just my female friends. We used to call it GAL-entines day, and would celebrate with a pajama party in our fanciest PJS, pedicures, dark chocolate, and movies. It was a nice reminder that loving yourself and your friends is important to celebrate too! Splurge a little on a nice matching pajama set, or some fun slippers. Just be careful not to smear your toenails!

What are your plans for the big day? And what will you be wearing for Valentine's Day?

Comment below!

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