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The O Bag Nashville

I first was made aware of the O Bag on instagram. I guess I've hash tagged the word vegan enough, and my feed knows I love bags, so, naturally this page popped up! I saw all of these brightly colored bags that had interchangeable handles and liners with them. I was definitely curious! I gave them a follow o instagram and started liking their posts.

Then, I went to VegFest here in town, and saw that O Bag had a booth set up! I officially met Karen, the owner of the store, and she walked me through the process of building my own bag, and why she even started it in the first place! She invited me to come check out the store for myself, and even let me build my own bag! To check that out, head over to my Facebook page to see the video. Karen was kind enough to let me ask her some questions.

Thanks for having me! How long has O Bag Nashville been around?

I started O Bag Nashville in August 2016.

Oh! A relatively new store, then! How did you hear about the O Bag Company?

I'm an engineer in the automotive industry, so I travel  all over where parts are made. I spend a lot of time in Italy because of Fiat, and so I was there and happened to see them. I did a double take because I'm vegetarian and I'm always looking for a nice cruelty free bag-which is difficult to find! So, I went in to the store and fell in love with them. I built two bags that trip and brought them home, and by summer of that year, I had my own store!

Can you walk us through the process of building your own bag?

It's great fun! We suggest coming in when you have a little time so you can explore all of our options. The first step is picking out the shape of the bag you want. You then pick out the color you want, and then you get to choose your own handles. We have long ones and short ones. And those just screw into the bag. And then, also if you want an insert with a zipper for a little more security, we have those as well.

On average, how long does it take to build a bag?

It only takes about two minutes to actually build a bag.

Aside from bags, what else does O Bag carry?

The brand has interchangeable watches to match the bags, as well as bracelets to match the bags. We hope to add sunglasses in the future that are interchangeable. We also have wallets as well. For my store, I also carry Italian made scarves and brands that I handpicked myself. Everything is made in Italy!

And where can we find you?

The O Bag store is located in the Green Hills Mall in between Sephora and Teavana!

Thanks so much for having me! Let's build this bag! 

My finished bag pictured above! To see me put it together, head on over to my Facebook page The Payton Project and check out this week's Fashion Friday Video. 

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