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Styling Mason Zgoda

A local makeup artist by the name of Lisa Proctor sent me a text not too long ago that said she had a client she was working with who wanted to look like Jane Birkin and would I be interested in styling her I had to look around for Ashton Kutcher hiding in my kitchen to make sure that I wasn't being Punk'd. Jane Birkin?! My dream woman?! Did I mention I answered the text while wearing my Jane and Serge Gainsbourg tee? I couldn't have said "YES!!" quick enough.

Upon meeting Mason at one of my favorite coffee shops I realized that we are absolutely soul sisters. Her sparkling eyes lit up at the mention of the style muses we shared. I knew immediately that Connie Chornuk would be the perfect photographer for the project, being soemone who specializes in photos that are so timeless it's eerie!

Here are the final images and some behind the scenes of what we came up with. They are some of my absolute favorites that I've ever styled to date.

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