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Life Changing Lingerie

Happy New Year, guys!

I hope that you all had an incredible holiday season and are ready to tackle on your new year goals with the force of a thousand cups of coffee.

One of my resolutions was to bring glamor into every element of my life. I did that a lot last year by investing in some really nice vintage bags for myself, making sure my nails were always done, and getting some great loungewear. This year it meant seriously upping my underwear game.

I've never really been one to get excited over underwear. I would have much rather spent that money on a bag or shoes. But in 2018 I'm entering into the phase of my life where I want every element of my life to be beautiful. This includes my underwear drawers.

When I met Ritchey from Lure Intimates last year I was blown away at how normal she seemed. She was a regular woman with a normal job that just so happened to have a love of beautiful lingerie! What I loved about her approach was that it wasn't about enticing men. It was about feeling feminine and confident even under your jeans and a t-shirt. I definitely feel in my masculine energy most of the time when running my business. It's really nice to set the mood for my day when I get dressed and to start the day feeling like I'm a woman first, boss second.

Lure has a sale going on right now that I just HAD to jump on. 2018 isn't just about adding glamor to my life, but it's about removing anything less than! I only have pretty things in my underwear drawer now so even on my worst day, I'm killin' it underneath my jeans!

Here's a few piece I purchased from the Lure Intimates sale. If you want in on it, use the code PAYTON30 for an addition 30 percent off. You deserve to feel beautiful in every state of dress!

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